I am not a full time blogger.  I should let you know that right up front.  Full time bloggers put up new posts on a weekly basis.  I am a full time Chef.  Full time Chefs work long hours then come home at the end of most days, pour themselves a cocktail and flop on the couch.  And from time to time we can find time to do things like write out a recipe post to share.

You can expect new posts to pop up here from time to time, but I will make every effort to make sure that when a new recipe does show up here, it is well worth the wait.

So Hi!  I’m Chef Patrick.  I live and work near Seattle Washington.  I grew up in a restaurant family, and I’ve been cooking professionally for … wow, has it really been almost 40 years now?  Ouch!
Anyway, you could say that I know my way around a kitchen.

For the last several years I’ve been writing Bait2Plate.com, a blog that combines my passions for cooking and sports fishing.  I do what I can to offer some delicious alternative ways to prepare your fresh catch.

Still, man cannot live on seafood dishes alone.
All right, technically you can.  But still, life is more fun with variety.  That’s why I’ve created The Sportsman’s Kitchen.  If you head to the great outdoors with a rifle, a shotgun, a shovel, or just your bare hands, looking to bring home something for the dinner table, I’m going to see if I can expand you repertoire on how to prepare your take.

My fishermen friends need not worry.  Bait 2 Plate will continue as always, and seafood recipes will be cross posted here as well as over there.

Stay tuned guys!